The What? Centre offers a private counselling service for all age groups and charges £50 per hour with at least 6 sessions needed for each private client, so £300 for 6 sessions.

Private counselling is not through our Charity but through our Social Enterprise, which was set up to support the Charity.

This would be suitable for:

  • Young people who live outside the Borough and do not have a Dudley GP
  • For parents who do not wish their children to be on the waiting list but feel they would like them to be seen sooner and are able to fund the counselling for their child. (We buy in the time from one of our bank counsellors so this does not affect the waiting list).
  • Anyone of any age who feel they need counselling,

How can counselling help?

  • Counselling gives you time and space to talk through what is happening for you and to work through these issues with the counsellor. We would recommend that you have at least between six and twelve sessions but for some people that may need to be extended, dependent on the issues.
  • It may help you to return to school or work more quickly if you are not able to at present.

What kind of issues can I bring to counselling?

We are not prescriptive about the issues but these may be around anxiety, depression, self-harm, OCD, bereavement, sexuality, work or relationship issues, family issues

How do I book this?

You can book this via our referral form or please do email us at [email protected] for further information