Each year the What? Centre sees 100's of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 but received no statutory funding for this age group*. We are therefore reliant on raising the funds for this work ourselves, or appealing to Companies, Trusts and individuals to help us with this.  Each counselling session costs our Centre £36 to provide.  The CEO of The What? centre says "These young people have often tried to take their own lives or been self-harming, some have experienced loss of family members, partners, jobs, not having anywhere to live and may have given up hope.  Counselling helps them to know that someone will support them through the difficult times and encourage them to move forward with their lives.

One grandad told us "We thought for a long time that we would lose our grandson, indeed the whole family was starting to grieve because we could see him getting worse and nothing we said or did seemed to make any difference. We were frightened to let him out of our sight because he was so down.  Then he came to the What? Centre and I cannot tell you how much it helped, he had counselling for about four or five months and now he is attending a training course at college. I tell everyone about the What? Centre.  They helped us to get our grandson back".

There are many other cases like this and they need your support.

*Mental Health 18+

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